“DEMO, Exploring new processes of creation” is presented as a series of activities that are structured around the new creative collaboration and production processes, where new technologies, material experimentation, reinterpreting craft techniques or the combination of high tech and low tech open new ground in the field of product design.

Sign up for the workshops: demo@adifad.org

Regarding the philosophy of the DEMO project, the process of design creation of the graphic identity is conceptualized as an experiment and is open to the public. So the web is available currently as a beta version that is updated as the project progresses.

The identity of DEMO is collected in a graphic memory of the evolution of the project.

Disseny Hub Barcelona / Pl. de les Glòries Catalanes, 37-38. 08018 Barcelona / tel: / demo@adifad.org

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Conference bloc


Mónica Rikić · Ethel Baraona · Peter Marigold · Breaded Escalope · The Creators Project

Date: February 28th, from 10am to 4pm


Pl. de les Glòries Catalanes , 37-38 08018 Barcelona

Price: 8€ / 5€ FAD members and students

Registration deadline: February 28th

Sign up HERE.

During the morning of the DEMO DAY - February 28th - a conference bloc will take place in the Disseny Hub Barcelona auditorium. Projects related to the philosophy of DEMO will be presented for national and international renowned lecturers. The conference program is as follows:

11:30h / Mónica Rikić presenting "Buildacode"

12h / Ethel Baraona presenting "Adhocracy"

12:30h / Peter Marigold presenting "More than material"

13:30h / Breaded Escalope presenting "Love me Bender"

De 14h a 16h / Projection in loop of the videos of "The Creators Project" by Vice

At 10am there will be the breakfast and conference of Creative Mornings with "Xavier Mora - Livinthings" registration required HERE.

During the afternoon, also within the DEMO Day, there will be a series of workshops for all ages, including children.

Also within the framework of the DEMO Day, alongside all these activities is presented in Sala A, an exhibition-performance by breadedEscalope "Love me Bender", the "A spatial choreography" installation by MAIO studio and also the exhibition "sIoT Down - The Internet of chairs" presenting the results of the workshop "Internet of Things: Action · Reaction · Interaction ".All them are free access and for all audiences.

Mónica Rikić



Ethel Baraona

"ADHOCRACY. A critical review"

Website images-01Website images-02

Peter Marigold

"More than material"



"Love me Bender"

imatge web SONY DSC

The Creators Project

Proyección vídeos en loop

img the creators projectimg the creators project 2