“DEMO, Exploring new processes of creation” is presented as a series of activities that are structured around the new creative collaboration and production processes, where new technologies, material experimentation, reinterpreting craft techniques or the combination of high tech and low tech open new ground in the field of product design.

Sign up for the workshops: demo@adifad.org

Regarding the philosophy of the DEMO project, the process of design creation of the graphic identity is conceptualized as an experiment and is open to the public. So the web is available currently as a beta version that is updated as the project progresses.

The identity of DEMO is collected in a graphic memory of the evolution of the project.

Disseny Hub Barcelona / Pl. de les Glòries Catalanes, 37-38. 08018 Barcelona / tel: / demo@adifad.org
From ADI-FAD we propose a space for trial and experimentation, where we can observe, explore and discover together the new opportunities that surround us.

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email demo@adifad.org


“DEMO, Exploring New Creative Processes” is a series of activities structured around the experimental, the multidisciplinary, collaborations between industry and craft, all that is open, shared and unknown, focusing on the field of product design.

As part of these activities and over ten days, DEMO develops a programme of workshops, talks, seminars, installations and product presentations. These offer the opportunity to experience and discuss new directions, approaches and technologies.

The aim of all this is to share and investigate different types of production and creative practices, so that both the general public and professionals can explore new approaches and incorporate these tools into their daily life or in the development of their projects.

From Friday 27 February 2015 to Sunday 8 March 2015

Disseny Hub Barcelona
Pl. de les Glòries Catalanes, 37-38.
08018 Barcelona

Curator DEMO
Diego Ramos

Viviana Narotzky

Paola Calvet
Tai Sans

Project Team (ADI-FAD Board)
Viviana Narotzky, President
Diego Ramos, Vicepresident
Gracia Cardona, Treasurer
Guim Espelt, Secretary

Graphic Design
Raquel Quevedo
Kentaro Terajima

Web Developer
Joaquim Salat